Sunday, January 22, 2017

1, 2, 3...

Hello! I am so excited to share my first few blocks with you!

After realizing that english paper piecing would not work for my Dear Jane, I quickly dived into prepping and piecing Block A-1 by hand. Prep work with these babies is no joke! Freezer paper templates, trimming seam allowance, marking with pencil (note: that is sand paper underneath my fabric to help hold onto the fabric when marking it with a pencil).

A-1 Pinwheels Gone Awry {1/15/17 - 28 pieces}

A-2 One Two Buckle My Shoe {1/18/17 - 40 pieces}
 I am not sure how Jane made A3, the photos of the original almost look like she appliquéd little snow caps on mountains, then pieced it together somehow. I went the easy route, with 4 appliqué wedges. I used a disappearing ink pen to mark the background fabric, and then did needle turn appliqué. I got a little excited about capturing a pic of the finished block, I did it before the ink disappeared.

A-3 Hunter's Moon {1/18/17 - 5 pieces}
And just a little while ago I finished A-4, but it's dark and snowy outside so I have no light for pretty pictures. I will just say I gave machine piecing a try, and it went so amazingly well!! 

Dear Jane Status:
Finished Blocks: 3/225
Pieces Tally: 73

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