Friday, January 13, 2017

Day 1 - in which I change my mind

I started my day running to Office Max to get my Dear Jane book spiral bound. I highly recommend this, it cost about $6, and now it opens flat.

I came home and started cutting.
Then I started basting. Have you ever basted a 1/2" tall HST? It is HARD! You can barely see them in this picture...
I decided to test out piecing some of the basted pieces. Matching corners was HARD. I pieced the little triangle onto the background piece and then stitched on an adjacent piece. And I just was not happy. This quilt is way too big of a deal to not be happy with your first few bits of piecing.

So I followed the directions in the book - tracing the pattern onto freezer paper, cutting it apart and ironing and tracing the bits onto fabric, trimming the seam allowance and then hand stitching. Getting to the same exact step for block 1A took significantly less time, and I had 100% control over the fabric the whole time.

Some major PROS I found with hand piecing over EPP: I can actually hold onto the pieces easily. My  corners will match perfectly with very little effort. My stitches will be completely hidden in the seam.

Now I'm not one to tell you to quit something because it is too hard, but why do something the hard way when there is an easier, reliable way to do it? This quilt is supposed to be a FUN challenge for me. Something I can turn to when my hands need something to do. Something that will one day be a beautiful heirloom. It is not supposed to be a headache. So goodbye paper pieces, thanks for experimenting with me today. And to those of you EPP your Dear Janes I applaud you!

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